About The Ark of the Apocalypse: The Magellan II Chronicles

Earth was almost dead.

The polar ice caps melted long ago, and it’s been decades since the last raindrop fell.  Ocean levels rise a dozen meters, and forest fires rage on a global scale. Eleven billion people dying of thirst wage water wars against each other as extinction looms.

Humanity needs a new planet. As Earth deteriorates, the nation states desperately work together to build a mechanism for recolonization. And so the Magellan II is born, the first starship capable of interstellar travel.

The future of the human race is tasked to ten thousand colonists—now homeless but for the vastness of space and the decks of Magellan II. A distant planet offers hope of survival, but it’s a strange, watery world inhabited by giant reptiles.

Humanity is starting over, but survival isn’t guaranteed.

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Ark of the Apocalypse won the

New York City Big Book Award in 2022!

The saga spans thousands of years and heavily involves global warming, space travel, and dragons. Yes, you read that right. The funny thing is that these vastly different topics, locations, and story lines are all interconnected in such an ingenious way that nothing seems out of place. There is a red thread that sews everything together, even if the reader is kept in the dark regarding its purpose and outcome.

The many characters are properly fleshed out and I was on the edge of my seat all the way until the end of the book. It has an ending that rounds of the story well, while leaving plenty of space for one’s imagination to create a vast number of follow-up scenarios. Absolutely fantastic!

—Eva Lazar, Goodreads Reviewer

I’m absolutely spellbound. This author knows how to put together a good story and his writing is exquisite. It is all too easy to get absorbed into the world he has created.

—Jenny M: “Amazing” -5 Stars

In reading Ark of the Apocalypse by Tobin Marks, I find his world building to be masterful.

—JP: “A Must Read” -5 Stars

I read this book cover to cover in one day and will probably do again. I’m excited for the next installment in the series to see what will come next.

—Terry Thibodeau: “Could Not Put It Down” -5 Stars

I couldn’t put this book down as the weaving of history, science and dreams kept me turning the pages. I eagerly await the next installment of Tobin Marks’ The Magellan II Chronicles.

—Vernice Aure (Author): “Mesmerizing” -5 Stars

This is a fast paced , action packed captivating novel. It is nothing short of spectacular. The author’s story telling ability is magnificent. His characters are well developed, likable and believable.

—Karen Pessoa (Author): “Spectacular” -5 Stars

I was unable to put it down. This was very well written and the plot was extremely well thought out. If you enjoy Sci Fi, fantasy books this is definitely the one for you.

—Olivia Palloc (Author): “So Intriguing” -5 Stars

There are so many different and vital themes in this book. I find it surprising that someone had the nerve to take them on, especially in one book. Tobin Marks superbly accomplishes this and deserves an award for his recognition of them.

—Monika Martin (Author): “Epic” -5 Stars