About Endeavor’s Run, Book 1 in the Hope Prophecy Series

A Millenium after world war extinction destroyed the surface of Earth, humanity resurfaced and rebuilt a new world.

A world much different than the old. Mars has been terraforming for decades, and a fleet of human starships stand poised to begin the exploration and colonization of the cosmos. Then an ancient message arrives, picked up by the Martian base at Olympus Mons. The transmission sends shock waves through Interstellar Fleet Command.

A message that changes everything.

The transmission seems to have originated from humanity’s first interstellar starship: the Magellan ll. A legendary ark-ship that was launched before most of humanity was incinerated when World War X consumed the blue planet. As with most legends of pre-apocalyptic Earth, stories of the Magellan II are considered little more than myth. Many doubt it ever existed at all.

A glimmer of hope from the depths of the universe.

Interstellar Fleet Command sends its most advanced starship 1,187 light-years to investigate. When that ship disappears without a trace, her sister ship, the Endeavor, heads out on a rescue mission. The crew tracks the missing ship to a watery world called Aqueous as it orbits a red dwarf star. What they find upon arrival is a deadly planet that belies its beautiful appearance, inhabited by dangerous reptiles, hostile aliens, dragons…

And a long-lost human colony.

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I read the book one: Ark of the Apocalypse by Tobin Marks last year and was blown away. His new book: Endeavors Run, is its sequel. It’s not as epic as the first book, but overall, I found it more enjoyable. It had Marks’ usual style of short fast chapters, often bouncing between planets and narratives. Also true to Marks’ form is that this book reads fast, and is difficult to put down. The story takes place about a thousand years after the first book ends. Apparently humans have recovered from the nuclear war that destroyed Earth and have a fleet of starships ready to explore the galaxy. Then an ancient message from the starship in the first book arrives and they send starships to investigate. The Endeavor is one of these. One character remains from the first book: a dragon. I won’t say anymore about the plot except that also like the first book, it is ingeniously woven with extremely well written characters, and entertaining dialog. In closing, I just want to say that I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I got the warm fuzzies, I got thoroughly entertained, I got left on a cliff at the end and now have to wait another year or so to get what seems to be my annual Tobin Mark’s fix. Folks, if you’re a scifi fantasy buff you don’t want to miss this one.

—Amazon Verified Purchase Review, 5 Stars

What a well told story in Endeavor’s run by Tobin Marks. I’ve read work from Marks before, and I enjoyed that story as well. Enjoy seems a simple word, but I take it to mean a lot. Humanity was destroyed, extinct to be exact. Though it was almost forever ago, it doesn’t seem like that long ago, but somehow, out of the dust, life will always become life, and there is a new world of humanity. But it’s not just about Earth, but the transformation of neighboring planet, Mars. It only takes one thing to affect the story and the lives of everyone, and it’s quite a cast of characters, and trying to survive, and finding a safe place in the galaxy. It’s an interestingly told story, and it is a greatly fast paced, and action-packed stories, with great characters, evil and survivors, as well as other races or aliens in the galaxy. It’s a large galaxy, and that’s only this one. This author brings the story to life. This author has a great imagination and I’m glad it’s being shared with stories. It is the end of the world was we knew it, and it’s trying to rebuild and renew. while honoring “legends” from before the world died. The story brings the reader on a superb journey. The characterizations are engrossing and dynamic. Who could ask for more when it’s filled with aliens, new-humans and other interesting creatures? I will definitely add more of this author’s books to my bookshelf. Endeavor’s run is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews. I read this book to give my unbiased and honest review.

—Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews , 4/5 Stars

Has anyone ever approached you with “hear me out: space dragons” and waved their hands in the air so you can imagine said dragons in space?

Me either, but I’m telling you now… SPACE DRAGONS. *waves hands in a manner meant to encourage imagining said dragons in space*

There’s a very compelling world being built within this first installment of The Hope Prophecy series here and I encourage you to experience this for yourself. Traveling through space is a crew aboard the Endeavor in a sort of post-apocalyptic/dystopian-ish world in search of the space travelers before them who have gone missing. The crew of the Endeavor find themselves at a planet inhabited by aliens, odd lizard-looking creatures (although I’m not sure how coincidental it is that they also call themselves lizards when they’re thousands of lightyears away from Earth and no one has ever heard of or seen them before?) – and of course, dragons. We start off this story with such an intriguingly strong introduction and within just a few short chapters emotional damage has been established…and I’m not mad about it in the least. I’m very much in love with the combination of science fiction and fantasy rolled up into one in this fun, adventurous, fast-paced story!

I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship between Alex and Baseball. Their banter and squabbles throughout kept a sometimes dark, but always humorous note which kept the pace of the book very steady. I never felt the story drag or slack because there was always something exciting happening with these two characters. I’m curious to see what is going on with Alex and his connection to the lizards/dragons/planet??? I need answers!

I’m also curious to see what’s up with Bayne/Count Darx. There’s still a lot of confusion there for me but I have a feeling that will all get some enlightenment in later books.

The ending left on such a high cliffhanger and I’m very much looking forward to reading the next installment!

A big thank you to Tobin Marks and Henry Roi PR for the ebook!

—Amazon Verified Purchase Review, 4/5 Stars

I’ve loved science fiction since my tweens and this is a prime example of the genre. The author mixes a little fantasy, lots of action, nail biting confrontations, and then Ends The Book! I know there is more to come but my adrenaline rush needs some place to go right now. There are two very telling emotional peaks that are described perfectly: the first is when the earthlings realize that they are seeing another sentient race – that humans aren’t alone in the universe – and the second when they find that the colony ship of myth, a thousand years past, actually made landfall and successfully established a walled city of thousands on another planet.

—Linda H., Amazon Verified Purchase Review, 4/5 Starsn