About Katana Red, Book 2 in the Hope Prophecy Series

Stranded on an alien world with only a few heartbeats of life left…

Lieutenant Commander Alex Porter had lost everything: his best friend, his crew, and his starship, the IFC Endeavor. They were all gone. All dead. Only one thing had been left to him, and that would be the instrument of his death. The wound in his upper torso bubbled red as the tip his most prized possession, a centuries-old katana, stuck out his chest. Just as light faded from his vision, Alex’s no longer lucid mind must’ve been playing tricks on him, because the last thing he saw before everything went dark were the jaws of a massive beast as they closed around him. Its huge fangs dripped in red. How could this have happened? How could he die alone, so far from home? But his fate had been foretold one thousand years before.

By an ancient ancestor.
Through an ancient prophecy.
This was always meant to be…

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